Carnforth Town Council Agenda – January 2024 Agenda Pack

Agendas Uploaded on January 30, 2024

A G E N D A – WEDNESDAY 17th JANUARY 2024 at 6:30pm

  1. Apologies: To receive apologies
  2. Declarations of Interest: To receive Declarations of Interest and Dispensations on items on the Agenda
  3. Urgent Business: To consider matters of urgent business
  4. Minutes: To consider Minutes of the meeting held on 21st December 2023
  5. Public participation & information only updates: To adjourn the meeting for a period of public discussion and to provide ‘information only’ updates on activities in recent weeks.  (Note: Any matters needing a ‘decision’ will be considered as an agenda item at a future meeting)
  • Public discussion
  • Town Mayor and Members updates and information only reports
  • Reports of Ward and County Councillors
  • Reports from outside bodies
  1. Budget & Precept 2024/ 2025: To consider for approval the annual budget and precept for the financial year 1st April 2024 to 31st March 2025. (See Clerk’s Report)
  2. Planning Applications & Temporary Road Closures:  To consider planning applications and temporary road closures set out below.  Planning applications can be viewed online at
Application No: Description
Traffic Regulation Orders:
Highfield Road – 12th January 2024 09:30 to 15:30 to allow telegraph pole renewal works to be carried out
Borwick Lane, Warton – 25th January 2024 09:30 to 15:30 to allow telegraph pole replacement works to be carried out
  1. 1 & 2 Station Buildings: To consider action taken relating to an incident on 3rd January 2024 (Clerk to Report)
  2. Planning Decisions: To receive an update on planning authority decisions on previously considered applications (see Agenda pack)
  3. Town Development & Planning Committee: To consider report of committee meeting held on 8th January 2024 (See Agenda Pack)
  1. Property & Environment Committee: To consider report of Committee meeting held on 9th January 2024 (See Agenda Pack}
  2. Finance & Governance Committee: To consider report of Committee meetings held on 10th January 2024 (See Agenda Pack}
  3. Payments for Authorisation: To consider for approval payments awaiting authorisation (See Agenda Pack)
  4. Correspondence: To consider correspondence received since the last meeting (See Agenda Pack)
  5. Items for next Agenda: To consider agenda items for the next ordinary meeting of Carnforth Town Council
  6. Date of next meeting: Wednesday 21st February 2024 at 6:30pm

Town Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer                                    30 January 2024

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