D-DAY 80: 6th June 2024 from 9pm at the War Memorial Gardens
Carnforth Town Council invites you to join us to mark the 80th Anniversary of D-Day and the beginning of Operation Overlord, the most extensive naval, air and land operation in history, involving the landing of around 156,000 Allied troops on the beaches of Normandy, as they sought to recapture Western Europe from the Nazis.
To remember and honour the bravery and sacrifice of all those who secured the peace and freedom we enjoy today, Carnforth Town Council will be joining hundreds of parish and town council’s across the country in lighting a beacon at 9:15pm in the War Memorial Gardens.
Arrival at 8:45pm is recommended for a period of reflection starting at 9pm as part of The International Tribute of what was one of the most remarkable achievements in living memory.
We look forward to seeing you there.


  1. I shall be attending this event in the capacity as Carnforth Town Crier.

  2. Thank you for posting.
    My father landed in Gold Beach in an amphibious’Donald Duck’ DD Sherman tank. His chances of survival were cut short by 50% since they were notorious in going to the sea bed as they left the craft they travelled on. He was in the group that secured Pegasus bridge and pushed on into The Netherlands to the Rhine at Nijmegen. Against massive resistance at the battle of the Reichswald, his and other regiments pushed into northern Germany to the city Münster and Bremerhaven on the coast. The 6th of June is always synonymous with my own existence as many that fell at operation overlord and the subsequent push towards VE Day, many young men, some as young as 18 gave their lives and we must remember them with gratitude and honour. My father’s cousin and best friend was one of them. He fell in the Reichswald. I have a long career working and living in Germany, a country I became to appreciate and respect. One day, while travelling to Münster by car, I came across a British &Commonwealth cemetary in a forest. I was unaware where I was until I saw several gravestones with the names of soldiers from my father’s regiment and C squadron, Royal Dragoon Guards. With my father long dead, I started to research the family and came across his cousin and it was a complete shock to find out that he, a member of another regiment was buried in the same cemetary where I had been, which was in the middle of the Reichswald Forest. Out of evil, good was made. Lest we forget and for the fallen since then.

  3. Many thanks for sharing this with us Nick. What an incredible story.

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